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Some interesting facts about John the Baptist!


John the Baptist


 The name John the Baptist might be a familiar to many, but that might be the only thing most of us know about him – his name, and well, his occupation is quite self-explanatory. 

He baptized many in water and preached a message of repentance and a nearing of the kingdom of heaven. He prepared the way for Christ to come.

When you really look at his story though, you start to notice many similarities between Jesus and him, so much so, that people who observed him started to wonder in their hearts if he was actually Jesus, the Messiah they had been told about and had been waiting for.

Imagine people asking him if he was the One they were waiting for? Human instinct would have caused him to feel flattered, maybe lift his head a little higher and raise his chest out a bit and this would have certainly lead to some glory stealing on John’s part. In fact, I’m CERTAIN that if John’s eyes were not focusing on what he was called to do, his story would have gone VERY differently, but that’s just it. He WAS focused – focused on his calling, focused on the end goal, focused on God’s will and not his own. In all he did and said, he was faithful in pointing everyone to Jesus and away from himself. 

“We don’t know if John was a singer or a guitar player, or if he was involved in interpretive dance or recited poetry, but his whole life actually worshiped God – bringing Him glory at every opportunity humanly possible!”


John was such a passionate worshipper in the way he lived, and he emitted such an excitement about the coming of Jesus, that it was contagious and encouraged the hearts of all those who heard him, to repent and ready their hearts for the coming of Christ.

I’m not sure if your singing cracks glass or causes the neighbourhood dogs to howl in unison, but there are thousands of other ways you can worship God, so don’t let a lack of musical talent bring you down. Be passionate for God in other ways. Let your whole life scream “JESUS!”. Be a contagious worshipper and cause a revolution among those who know you, to repent and ready their hearts for the coming of Jesus.

Be the John of today – or did you forget that Christ was coming back a second time?

Just a thought.



Jesus, we pray today that you stir in us a passion for you. Rekindle our hearts and fan that flame daily, so that the heat of the flame in us would not only warm those who surround us and encounter us, but that that the fire would spread and raise up a generation of people on fire for You. Amen.

Author: Pastor Cindy E.

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